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May 31st, 2007 · No Comments

DJ1.0, Contributing EditorDJ1.0 is a contributing editor of We don’t know much about DJ1.0, since he participates in the dark side anonymously. We suspect DJ1.0 is a “he” since he refers to a wife in an early post, but then again, maybe they’re from Massachusetts… Either way, you can reach DJ1.0 at

I’m not sure how long this has been out there but I thought I would pass it on. For those who like technology or business or how the ancient societies of Mesopotamia raised falcons – and who doesn’t – I found this:

It is called iTunes university.

Now normally I am very suspicious of any intuition of higher learning named after an appliance (I sank enough money into Septic Tank College not to make that mistake twice) but Steve Jobs personally assured my it was legit. The idea is to distribute content from universities across the country, including lectures, performances, and symposiums, through iTunes basically free. (As in free-food, not free-dom) Some are audio, though there is video also.

The content is distributed under a Creative Commons license which means you can pretend it is your own. (Not really) Now I love learning and the ability to take “classes” at MIT or Stanford sounds very appealing to me. Plus now I’m not lying when I tell people I go to MIT.

Right now, I’m listening to a lecture on Asymptotic notation, recurrences and substitution. (What is that you ask? If you have to ask you ain’t cool. Only cool kids know asymptotic notation.)

Check it out…

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