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Disengage Your Brain if You Want to Make a Crappy App

February 11th, 2008 · No Comments

I play Yahtzee on my phone. I like the game, but the interface sucks. It takes four button pushes to start a new game, and at least that many to exit. Why do I need to confirm that I want to exit a game that automatically saves where I’m at? Who designed that interface?

It doesn’t take a lot of thought or an expert on usability to realize that the interface is silly, but I don’t think the developer cared. It’s not like fewer people bought Yahtzee for their cell phone because of the excessive clicks required. Otherwise the designer would have thought it through, if it had been important. Just because every software application in 1989 made you confirm before you exited doesn’t mean Yahtzee has to.

I see a lot of brain disengagement in the Corporate IT industry. People sometimes just stop thinking for themselves, they turn their brains over to a process, or a standard, or a pattern and they don’t think anymore, don’t question anything. Sometimes people turn their brains over to their bosses, or to a loyalty. I don’t understand this. Is it really that hard to think?

Don’t check out. Don’t build apps like the stupid Yahtzee game I’m addicted to.

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