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A PC Bigot Comes Full Circle

October 16th, 2006 · 1 Comment

When I was about 12, I used a Macintosh computer for the first time. I was amazed by the small disk drive and the little pointer device I’d never seen before: a mouse. It was my friends mac, and it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. BUT… the only software my buddy had was for drawing. So I drew. I experimented with textures. I made all sorts of drawings. They probably sucked, but I had fun. I asked about other software, but he didn’t have any. Nothing? I couldn’t believe it. No games? None. I never looked at a mac the same after that first experience. Easy to use, very cool looking, but not for me. I needed more software than just drawing.

Sigh. It’s been about 20 years since then. For the past 20 years, I’ve felt the same way about the Mac. It’s always cool looking, always easy to use, but I’ve never bought one. I loved the blueberry iMac. I coveted a colleague’s shiny white iBook. I envied the iPods that my teenage neighbors were never far from.

But did I buy one? Heck no. I’m an IT professional, for crying out loud. We don’t use Apple computers. They’re for amateurs, people who don’t understand computers and could never, ever, fathom the importance of using the command line. And so I’ve bought a long series of crappy Windows machines, cycling through one far-less-cool-than-an-Apple PC after another. I didn’t let the Blue Screen of Death stop me, nor did I abandon ship with the Windows Millenium Edition disaster (the biggest “Y2K” fiasco ever!). Why? Because I didn’t believe an Apple could meet my needs. Not that I’d ever tried one out for more than a few minutes of clicking pointlessly with my third right finger and wondering why a menu didn’t appear (“I’m right-clicking, why doesn’t this work?” I would say).

But today, I’m coming out of the closet. I won’t hide my secret longings for a computer that actually works and never crashes any more. It’s time to let the world know: I am now a Mac user. Or at least I will be, when my new 20″ iMac arrives from

Review coming soon.

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