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Movie Recommendation – The Innocents

January 22nd, 2006 · No Comments

The Innocents (1961), starring Deborah Kerr.

Professional Nanny Miss Giddens (Deborah Kerr) is persuaded by a handsome playboy to take on the care of his neice and nephew on his large country estate. Before long, Miss Giddens becomes convinced that the spacious estate is inhabited not only by her and the children, but also by evil spirits that mean to do harm.

The Innocents is a brilliant adaptation of Henry James’s novel, The Turn of the Screw. It is one of the greatest haunting films ever made and is a movie that everyone should see. Unfortunately, it has been unavailable on VHS and DVD until this year. I’ve been waiting for the day it would be available since the first time I saw it in a theater in college in 1996.

The Innocents is a very scary movie and I wouldn’t show it to small children. The language is clean and there is no violence, but it’s terrifying nonetheless. It’s availabe at