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Dear Verizon Wireless: I’m Sorry Already

May 16th, 2008 · 2 Comments

A few days back I blogged about hating my Blackberry??????. That was, in hindsight, a big mistake. You see, Blackberries, and cell-phones in general, work off of a thing called Karma. And my rather unkind post about my beautiful little cell-phone-PDA-email-internet-browsing piece of electronics was a big batch of bad, bad karma. So bad, in fact, that ever since that post appeared I can barely keep a call going for two minutes. Nearly everyone who calls me goes straight to voicemail.

A few days ago I couldn’t even stay connected long enough to check my voicemail. I finally went outside and walked around my neighborhood until I found a spot with one bar. One bar. What used to seem like a pittance is now a luxury to me. Most of the time there’s a tiny little “X” in the spot where the bars would normally be. It’s not a happy sight.

So, in the hopes that I can create some good Karma, and somehow get my magic little cell phone working again, I offer this to my provider, Verizon Wireless: I’m sorry already. It’s not your fault I don’t know how to use the email component of my phone. It’s not your fault I’m not disciplined enough to take care of all my email in a timely manner. It’s not your fault I’m too lazy to learn all the tricks that make a Blackberry a productivity-boosting Crackberry. It’s my fault. Mine. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.

The irony of this problem is also a little bit funny. My post was about the email portion of my Blackberry, but it’s the cell service that has gone to crap. My email still works great. Go figure. I guess RIM just isn’t as insecure as Verizon.

Crap. I just did it again, didn’t I? Look Verizon, that wasn’t an insult – just an observation. Don’t be so sensitive. Feedback makes you better, right.

Would it help if I walked over to your office and gave your sign a big hug? I’m just next door.

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  • 1 carl // Apr 1, 2011 at 12:42 am

    haha. is that possible? they tracked your phone?

  • 2 charlie // Jun 21, 2011 at 11:35 pm

    h ahah! That was good. Thank you

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