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About that promotion… followup…

March 12th, 2006 · 1 Comment

I’ve been thinking about my last entry “about that promotion” ever since I wrote it and I’ve come up with an idea. Bear with me though, because it’s going to sound crazy at first. I’m not going to guarantee it won’t sound crazy in the end either though!

Here it is: All Associate Engineers must be fired upon reaching one full year as an Associate Engineer. No questions asked. Non-negotiable. End of story. Any Associate Engineer who hits 366 days is fired, on the spot.

Believe it or not, I think this sort of policy would help to ensure that all associate engineers who meet the requirements for promotion will be. Why? Because the only thing more painful for a manager than getting you the promotion you deserve is trying to replace you with yet another associate engineer. That’s right – with a rule like this, managers won’t be able to gamble on how long they can postpone the drudgery of getting you promoted before you get fed up and try to leave.

Here are some ancillary rules that I think make this system work better:

  • The associate engineer who gets “time-box terminated” is given a generous severance package that includes salary and benefits for six weeks
  • The manager who loses an employee to “time-box termination” must wait two months before beginning the process of replacing him
  • All “time-box terminations” must be considered as an indicator of poor management
  • The idea is to create incentive for the manager to promote. Realistically, the only “natural” incentive to promote people is to prevent them from leaving. Other incentives are forced to appeal to managers’ “higher” instincts. In order to really work, promotion incentives have to be tied back to survival, not altruism.

    That’s it. I think it would work. Still think I’m crazy? Feel free to let me know. Comment below or shoot me an email:

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    • 1 thirdshift // Apr 5, 2006 at 4:43 pm

      As long as managers are allowed to fire the AE for any reason during that 1 year term I think that would be fair enough. If I were king, and I am certainly not, I would never hire an employee directly. I would always hire them as a contractor. If they work out after a year hire them directly. If not, ciao.

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