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About David Christiansen
Dave Christiansen
David Christiansen is the founder and managing editor of (I only make this distinction because I occasionally have guest bloggers). David is an associate partner at Developer Town and is a hobbyist writer and speaker. He enjoys speaking about ruby on rails, agile project management, leadership, and life in corporate IT.

David’s current “hobby” projects include Genesis 2.0, a science fiction novel, “Exploratory Testing Practicum”, a two-day workshop teaching and practicing exploratory testing, and Built to Fail: The IT Myth that is Sucking the Life Out of Your Business, a business book about the mythical cost change curve. He is part owner in two other web sites, and

Hopefully Dave’s books will be available in the near future at a store near you. “Exploratory Testing in Practice” is available at your location on request.

Dave can be reached by email at